Curriculum Vitae

Dr Taliantzis P. Sergios was born in 1977 and grew in Piraeus. Graduated from the Leonteio Lyceum of New Smyrni
he started attending in the Medical faculty of the University Turin in 1996 after successful examinations. Graduate in 2002 with “EXCELLENTLY” and degree 8,98 and on the subject final work “Virtual colonoscopy as method of preventive control for the diseases of the small intestine”.
Each year of his study, he was receiving scholarship as excellent student.
He completed the medical service, in the pathological clinic of General Hospital Corinth. In the same period he was educated in the 2nd regional center of blood donation and hemorrhagic disposals in the Laiko Hospital. He completed his military military service in the Marine Navy Corps.
In 2005 he attended the Ophthalmologic clinic of Naval Hospital Athens as resident and he completed his speciality in Ophthalmology in first Ophthalmological Clinic of the university in Athens where he was also educated mainly in the departments of surgical vitreoretinal diseases and glaucoma.
To 2010 he attended  the educational courses on vitrectomy in Austria (17th ophthalmic winteracademy p.p vitrectomy, Schruns, Austria) and also the courses on surgical retina from the professor Ingrid Kreissig (77 detachment course Retinal and Vitreous Surgery). He also followed the courses of European company (EUPO)  on “Retina”.
On 2010 he succeeded on the examinations of European Council of Ophthalmology (Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology).
In 2011 he was placed as resident on the department of surgical retina in the B ophthalmologic clinic of Red Cross.
In 2013 he was specialized in the Ocular Ultrasounds.
From 2011 he practice the Ophthalmology in Piraeus (Praxiteloys 140, Tel. 2130229511) in a completely equipped office.
He is fellow worker of the first Ophthalmologic Clinic of the University ofAthens, and he practice also in  Bioclinic of Athens and Piraeus and EyeDayClinic charged on the department of ocular electrophysiology.
In 2009 he was named Doctor in Ophthalmology (PhD) of “Kapodistriako University of Athens”  with the degree “Excellent” and title of thesis “Comparison of the alterations in visual field, in patients with glaucoma, with the finding in OCT”.
In 2011 he completed the Postgraduate in the Administration of public sanity Units of the open University of Patras with the degree “Very Well” and title of diplomatic work “Quality of life in patients with ocular hypertention”.
In 2015 he completed the Postgraduate Program of “Dimokriteio Univerity of  Thrace” – Ophthalmologic Clinic, in Medical imaging in Ofthalmology with the degree “EXCELLENT” (8,87) and title of diplomatic work “Comparison of alterations of the  ganglion complex cells with the alterations in the optical nerve in HRT in patients with preperimetric glaucoma and open angle glaucoma”.
Dr Taliantzis is reviewer in several international peer review ophthalmologic  journals.
In 2009 he was honored by professor Theodossiadis to be member of the authors’ team of the textbook “George Theodossiadis “Optical coherence tomography retinal diseases – Glaucoma” “Paschalidis” Medical Publications ISBN-10: 9603997455 (
He is member of the several ophthalmological societies (American Academy of Ophthalmology, International Society of Refractive Surgery, European Society OF Retina Specialists, European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, European VitreoRetinal Society, Greek ophthalmologic society, Greek society of glaucoma, Greek society  of vitreoretinal diseases, Greek college of cornea)
He has published several articles in peer review journals and presentations, e posters ect in Greek ophthalmological congresses.
He speaks fluently English, Italian and French
Publications in peer review journals
Taliantzis S, Papaconstantinou D,Koutsandrea C, Moschos M, Apostolopoulos M, Georgopoulos G. Comparative studies of RNFL thickness measured by OCT with global index of visual fields in patients with ocular hypertension and early open angle glaucoma.Clin Ophthalmol. 2009;3:373-9
Georgalas I, Ladas I, Taliatzis S, Rouvas A, Koutsandrea C. Severe intraocular trauma in a fireman caused by a high pressure water jet. Clin Experiment Ophthalmol. 2010 Nov 11
Ilias Georgalas, Ioannis Ladas, Giannis Tservakis, Sergios Taliantzis, Eustratios Gotzaridis, Dimitris Papaconstantinou, Chryssanthi Koutsandrea. Perfluorocarbon liquids in vitreoretinal surgery: a review of application and toxicity. Cutaneous and Ocular Toxicology accepted 26 Jan 2011    
Georgalas I., Ladas I., Papaconstantinou Dimitris., Taliantzis S., Koutsandrea Ch. Management of a crystalline lens dislocation into the anterior chamber in a victim of domestic violence. Clin Exp Optom. 2012 Jan;95(1):113-5.
Papaconstantinou Dimitris, Georgalas Ilias, Taliantzis Sergios, Koutsandrea Chrysanthi, Ladas Ioannis, Georgopoulos Gerassimos Does pupil size influence the accuracy of OCT? BMC Ophthalmol under review
Papaconstantinou Dimitris, Georgalas Ilias, Taliantzis Sergios, Koutsandrea Chrysanthi, Ladas Ioannis, Georgopoulos Gerassimos Human pericardium graft in the management of bleb’s complication performed in childhood: a case report BMC Ophthalmol. 2011 Sep 20;11:27
Kazaki Μ., Georgalas I., Damanakis A., Labiris G., Taliantzis S.KoutsandreaCh., Papaconstantinou D. Vision-Related Quality of Life in Ocular Hypertension Patients: Effects of Treatment. Open Journal of Ophthalmology, 2015, 5, 31-40
Thesis/ Studies
1998-1999 Study on the subject “mushrooms and pollution” G.Ri.P.P.A. Gruppo di Ricerca per la Prevenzione della Patologia Ambientale Associazione Scientifica senza fini di lucro. FUNGHI E INQUINAMENTO Fungi and pollution Antonio POLIMENI, Taliantzis SERGIOS. VOL 4 DATA 1998-99 PAGINE 205-220 (
Thesis “University of Turin” “Comparative study between classic and virtual colonoscopy on the diagnosis  of small intestine cancer”
Thesis of postgraduate “Open University of Patras” “Quality of life in patients with ocular hypertention and after trabeculectomy”
PhD Thesis “Comparison of alterations of Visual  fields, in patients with glaucoma with the findings in OCT”
Thesis of postgraduate at “Dimokriteio University of Thrace” “Comparison of alterations of gaglion complex cells with the alterations in the optical nerve with HRT in patients with preperimetric glaucoma and open angle glaucoma” 2009
Authors’ team of the textbook George Theodossiadis “Optical coherence tomography retinal diseases – Glaucoma”, ISBN-10: 9603997455 (, ISBN-13: 978-9603997450, “Paschalidis” Medical Publications
Presentations/e Poster in Ophthalmological congresses
23G Vitrectomy” Mproyzas D, Karmiris E, Taliantzis S, Pole E, Koytsandrea H, Apostolopoylos M. Pan-Hellenic Ophthalmologic Congress of the Greek vitreoretinal Society 2009
Vitrectomy for Epirettinal membrane with 23G without dyies” Mproyzas D, Karmiris E, Sinapis H, Taliantzis S, Kanakis M, Koytsandrea H, Apostolopoylos M. Pan-Hellenic Ophthalmologic Congress of the Greek vitreoretinal society 2009
Comparative study of thickness of nerve retinal fibber layer in OCT, with the general indices of visual fields, in patients with primary open angle glaucoma” P. Taliantzis, A. Krassas, E Asimakopoyloy, N. Pantelias, D. Papakonstantinoy, G. Georgopoylos. Greek Ophthalmologic Society, May 2009
 Comparative study of thickness of RNFL in the OCT, with the general indices0 of visual field, in patients with ocular hypertention and primary open angle glaucoma” Taliantzis P., Asimakopoyloy E., Krassas A., Pantelias N., Karmiris E., Papakonstantinoy D., Georgopoylos G (eposter) 42o Pan-Hellenic Ophthalmologic Society 2009
Two infrequent types of  conjuctiva papillomas in the same eye” Kalantzis G, Krassas A, Taliantzis S, Pantelias N, Diagoyrtas A, Papakonstantinoy D, Georgopoylos G. (eposter) 42o Pan-Hellenic Ophthalmologic Congress 2009
Severe neovascular glaucoma with vitreous bleeding in one eye patient: therapeutical approach with intravitreal infusion of ANTI-VEGF and combined surgery with vitrectomy and Ahmed valve placement.” Apostolopoylos M, Karmiris E, Mproyzas D, Sinapis H, Taliantzis S, Papaspyroy A. 42o Pan-Hellenic Ophthalmologic Congress 2009
Effect of the use of brimonidine in the central thickness of cornea in patients with chronic simple glaucoma – prodromi study” Sakellarioy R., Papakonstantinoy D., Krassas A., Taliantzis P., Asimakopoyloy E., Georgopoylos G. 43o Pan-Hellenic Ophthalmologic Congress 2009
Optical coherence tomography before and afterwards the pharmaceutical mydriasi” Papakonstantinoy D, Taliantzis S, Karmiris E, Andreanos B, Asimakopoyloy E, Koytsandrea H, Georgopoylos G. 43o Pan-Hellenic Ophthalmologic Congress 2009
Placement of a second valve AHMED in an eye with uncontrolled glaucoma” Papakonstantinoy D, Krassas A, Asimakopoyloy E, Pardalis H, Taliantzis S, Georgopoylos G. (eposter) 43o Greek nation Ophthalmologic Congress 2009
Use of special extension for the  replacement of Ahmed valve tube in the Anterior chamber” Papakonstantinoy D, Asimakopoyloy E, Krassas A, Pardalis H, Taliantzis S, Pantelias N, Georgopoylos G. (eposter) 43o Pan-Hellenic Ophthalmologic Congress 2009
Phacoemulsification in patients with small pupil and large iris cyst” Georgopoylos G, Pantelias N, Krassas A, Asimakopoyloy E, Taliantzis S, Papakonstantinoy D. (eposter) 43o Pan-Hellenic Ophthalmologic Congress 2009
Lecture on glaucoma risk factors in collaboration with the University of Cambridge at Athens Eye Hospital