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The Ophthalmological Clinic operates in Pireaus, at 140 Praxitelous and Vas, Georgiou Street, on the second floor and is fully equipped with modern examination and imaging devices.

The doctor also accepts at 12 spyrou Kokkoni street, in Zevgolatio of Korinthos.

In a hospitable place, we offer the best medical services with a personalized approach for each patient and our goal of achieving the best quality of life. In this site you will find useful information on several ophthalmological issues, information about our equipment, as well as information on the modern treatment of ophthalmological diseases.


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Dr. Tallantzis Sergios was born in 1977 and grew up in Piraeus. He graduated
from the Leonteio Lyceum of Nea Smyrna. more…

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Diagnostic and imaging examinations that take place in our area.
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